Heat Pumps Products

Heat pumps are an extremely cost-effective way to both heat and cool your home. The unique technology found in heat pump products allows them to heat your home during the winter time, meaning you’ll use your traditional furnace less often. In the summertime, the heat pump can deliver cool air to your home so you’ll use your air conditioner less.

Heat pumps work by moving warm air from one area to another, depending on when it is needed. If the outdoor temperature is cold, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and brings it indoors. When it is warm outdoors, this process reverses, and the heat pump acts like an air conditioner to remove heat from your home.

Climate Experts offers a number of heat pump products to suit your needs. We bring our customers some of the best heat pumps on the market, including Elite heat pumps and Aire-Flo heat pumps. We recommend heat pumps to our customers living in moderate climates, or to supplement other heating and cooling methods already installed in your home. The best heat pumps on the market can help lower the cost of your heating and cooling bills by adjusting the indoor climate more efficiently than traditional HVAC equipment.

To learn more about our heat pump products and available rebates incentives, contact Climate Experts. We’d be happy to explain the options and recommend a unit suited to your needs. Call 1-855-241-7171 today or email us at info@climateexperts.ca.

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