NTI GF 200 Gas Boiler

A cross-breed blending of tank-less water heating, hydronics and forced-air heating – the GF 200 is the most efficient Combi-Furnace in the world. Designed as a single appliance, it can be installed much quicker than conventional heating systems, and offers superior green furnace software. This means it maximizes comfort by featuring 10 different modulation stages that lowers cycling, while assuring ultra-smooth heat output in your home. Learn more about NTI boiler specs and affordable costs by filling out our online form.


  • Industry’s best Combi-Furnace
  • Full modulation “one size fits all”
  • Simple installation
  • Fully enclosed air flow pathway
  • State-of-the-art blower
  • High-efficiency combustion system
  • Integrated plumbing

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