Ductless Mitsubishi GE & D Series Air Conditioner

Ideal for home or small commercial properties, the Mitsubishi GE & D Series is a stylish, ductless system that offers advanced inverter technology with a variable-speed compressor that uses only the energy needed to keep your room temperature/humidity at your preference levels. Along with whisper-quiet fans, the GE & D Series air conditioner includes high-speed heating and cooling so when you come in from extreme outdoor conditions, you’ll be surrounded in comfort. For more on the affordable Mitsubishi air conditioner features and specifications, connect with us online.


  • Easy installation
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • Superior energy savings
  • Environment friendly: R-410A, a non-CFC refrigerant
  • Filters that deodorize and deactivate allergens
  • Ultra-quiet operations
  • A 10 year Mitsubishi warranty on all parts and compressors

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